Welcome to The 1869 Guild®

Hobbies:I was a keen golfer for 10
years. I like learning about new
gemstones and the history behind
them,technology and new
inventions.Sport cars top the list.

Favourite Pastime:Eating at new
restaurants, spending time with my
family,friends and my fiancee.

Business idol: Warren Buffer:For
predicting the market. His
simplicity and methodology of
work amaze me. He started his first
business when he was a young boy
and became the world's best stock
market and business analyst.

Steve jobs: For the way he
transformed. Apple to what it is
today.He is a true innovator.He
likes to look at the finished product
before he starts production or
Research & Development.He is a
man with the vision and converts
that into reality with pure

Most admired brand:Apple
Also, Facebook, as this is one
platform that gives you immediate
connections to people around the
globe, really makes the world flat.

Childhood dream: To be an actor.

Greatest learning so far:My
greatest learning so far is
imporatnce of strong relationships.
In order to succeed you need to be
able to have a connection with
everyone. I believe that people
make you successful.Always treat
others the way you want to be
treated is my motto.