rows and jewellery neatly stacked, enabling the business customer to leisurely select what he wants.

Traditionally wholesalers go to retailers but in this case jewellery retailers come into the Stockroom, take time to choose the jewellery they want in a comfortable ambience, and are assured that the quantities they desire would be readily available.

Customers have flexible payment options and can pay either by cash, cheque, gold, or bank transfers. There is no minimum purchase requirement either. The Guild, however, does not entertain individual customers. All sales are to the retailers as this is purely a B2B model. The advantages as compared with conventional wholesale

Since all manufacturers cannot
reach all retailers, they need
distributors like us. We are the
super stockists. We always have
ready stocks; that is the key
Chaitanya V Cotha,
Managing Director.

lie in the more competitive price, the attractive display, the wide variety of products, the immediate availability of stock, and the customer-oriented working hours. In addition, the Guild offers guaranteed quality, certified gold, and diamonds and complies with all statutory processes ensuring ethical business practice.

Says Cotha with pride, "Our service is phenomenal. We provide immediate stock for almost any category.?? How do customers react to this concept? Although The 1869 Guild is just 11 months old, it has built a loyal customer base. Says Arvind Davanam, director, Davanam Jewellers Private Limited, Bangalore, "Their service is

Having majored in business management, marketing and international business, he went on to become a diamond, gemstone graduate from GIA and also got the accredited jewellers profession recognition and was offered a lucrative career option in the US.

However, the lure of entrepreneurship was too strong and Cotha journeyed back home to join the family business and set up The 1869 Guild. Backed by impeccable lineage of the C Krishniah Chetty & Sons (CKC) ?Chaitanya is the sixth generation entrepreneur from the family--The 1869 Guild, however, operates as an independent outfit, servicing CKC like it would any other customer.

Technology and its impact: The 1869 Guild is slowly consolidating and as of now, is not a heavy technology user. But eventually plans to go for technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems. Says Cotha excitedly, "I never thought that Facebook and wholesale will work. But I was pleasantly surprised it has been very good for us and I see a lot of potential. Soon we will initiate on-line sales.??

Stockroom replete with multiple designs.

As such the Guild has a small jewellery manufacturing unit which concentrates on a mix of Jaipur trends and diamond jewellery. It is keen to expand this unit in the next six months so as to create a niche, particularly in diamond jewellery.

Talking about his blueprint for the future Cotha says, "Our vision is to become the best wholesale jewellery vendor pan India. Although we will not be looking at replicating the Stockroom everywhere, we are keen on sub-dealers." Then what keeps him going? "The connection with the customer. As I said earlier, this is a business of happy emotions,?? he concludes affably.